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         Guangdong onlly Electrical Automation Co., Ltd. was founded in January 23, 1996, is a research and development, production and sale of power system testing and debugging professional equipment manufacturers, is a high-tech enterprises, the relay protection testing system and its supporting equipment is our company's core products, has a number of design patents and software copyrights. A number of companies involved in the drafting of the test field of relay protection industry standards, national network standards and South network standard, has won the China Southern Power Grid, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau award of progress of science and technology progress prize in science and technology, automation and protection equipment industry statistical work "advanced unit" and many other awards.

        The company is headquartered in the historical and cultural city of Guangzhou, now has an integrated production and installation of production lines, the use of high-quality components and high-precision instruments to ensure product quality output. Companies adhering to the customer first "service tenet, inheritance onlly electrical, undivided attention" enterprise culture, the company will be as in the past to forge ahead of the rest.

        Since the establishment of the company, relay protection testing system at home and abroad users has exceeded more than 10000, sales increased year by year and continue to expand overseas, in production, sales of several quantitative indicators, are in the forefront. Our company relies on North China Electric Power University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, South China University of Technology, Zhongshan University and other famous universities of science and technology advantages, and in the protection of domestic manufacturers support, product innovation, for the majority of users to provide Everfount generations with power testing industry iconic national brand products.

        The relay protection testing system can complete the debugging of relay protection, excitation, measurement, fault recording device and wave components in the field of professional testing, widely used in scientific research and electrical test power, rail transportation, petrochemical, metallurgy, miningand other industries in the field of product quality, and good customer service service has won widespread praise from users.

      At present, our company has a marketing service center in Guangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Wuhan, the capital city of the country offices and customer service service, open 24 hours service hotline to provide technical services for the majority of users in a timely and efficient manner.

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